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Nootropics - Locks in Focused Attention

Juliette Steen, Associate Food Editor for HuffPost Australia brings us today's nugget of cognitive enhancement. I'm not sure how a Food Editor lands the assignment of reporting on pharmacology but the read is still entertaining...which is about all the HP is good for IMHO.

Title: What You Need to Know About 'Smart Drugs' and Cognitive Enhancers
Subtitle: Does the 'Limitless' drug actually exist?

The author interviews Jason Mazanov, an "international expert on the management of drugs in sports and the anti-doping policy with the UNSW Canberra School of Business."

Predictably, the interviewee mostly talks about how smart drugs don't work and people trying them are being misled by those selling them.

However, he unknowingly hits upon the very core of why nootropics are being sought by so many people:

"There is the actual pharmacological effect of these drugs, and the effect of them is to improve focus, but the problem becomes that sometimes you f…

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